The Rock Workout Challenge | Day 2 | Back

The Rock Workout Challenge | Day 2 | Back

  • Duration: 00:55:25
Welcome to "The Rock Workout Challenge" - Day 2: Back!!!
This is the second day of the average 6 day weekly workout that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson does and we are all gonna hit it together!

For some EPIC coffee:

On the 6th day, when you have finished the challenge, post a pic or vid of yourself finishing the challenge in social media, tag HIIT56 Online, comment on the last video, and send us proof that you completed all 6 in a row (! The first 3 people will get a sweet arse FREE "I Smelled What The Rock Was Cooking" Rock Workout Challenge Tank Top or T-shirt! Everyone else that would like one will have to complete the above requirements and pay an additional $20. It's worth it as the shirt will be amazing!

What You'll Need:
Medium/Heavy Dumbbells
Chair/Bench/Step or the Like
The Fury of Hobbs!!

Prepare for Glory, prepare for The Peoples Workout!! Come get some!