Single Arm KB Swing Row

Single Arm KB Swing Row

  • Duration: 00:00:23
**Body Part/Parts Used:**
- Primary: Posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae), latissimus dorsi
- Secondary: Deltoids, forearms, grip strength

**Equipment Needed:**

Intermediate to Advanced

#### Directions:

1. **Starting Position**: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a kettlebell in one hand with a neutral grip (palm facing you).

2. **Initial Swing**: Initiate the swing by bending your knees slightly, hinging at the hips, and pushing your hips back. Swing the kettlebell between your legs.

3. **Explosive Movement**: As you thrust your hips forward, swing the kettlebell upwards until it's in line with your shoulders. Your arm should be fully extended.

4. **Row**: At the top of the swing, perform a row by pulling the kettlebell towards your ribcage. Your elbow should go past your back while pulling.

5. **Return Phase**: After completing the row, extend your arm back to the straight position to prepare for the downswing.

6. **Downswing**: Let the kettlebell swing back down between your legs as you hinge at the hips.

7. **Reset**: Regain your starting position, preparing for the next repetition.

8. **Switch Arms**: After completing the desired reps, switch to the other arm and repeat the process.

#### What It Does and Benefits:
The Single Arm KB Swing with Row is a compound, dynamic exercise that combines a hinge, swing, and row, effectively targeting multiple muscle groups. It's excellent for building functional strength and improving coordination. It also offers the following benefits:

- **Cardiovascular Conditioning**: Keeps the heart rate up for better cardiovascular health.
- **Power Development**: The explosive hip hinge engages fast-twitch muscle fibers, aiding in power development.
- **Core Stabilization**: Engaging the core throughout the movement helps improve balance and stability.
- **Muscle Endurance**: Multiple muscle groups are engaged, improving overall endurance.

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