Hiit56 | Total Body | SEASON FINALE WEEK | with Abbie | 11-11-21

Hiit56 | Total Body | SEASON FINALE WEEK | with Abbie | 11-11-21

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Can you believe it has been another AMAZING year of Hiit56 Online?!! Season 2 is over yes, but don't stop sweating with our VAST On-Demand Library that is now almost 600 hardcore HIIT workouts!!

We will be adding an Individual Move Library over the break, some new bells and whistles for the new season, and more! Be sure to check in regularly during the break for any challenges or mash-ups, etc..

A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU FABULOUS HIIT56'ERS, stay sexy out there, and we will see you in January for an EPIC Season 3! :)

The Total Body, Core, & Cardio - Season 2 Finale!!

What You'll Need:

Light/Medium/Heavy Dumbbells

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are meant to boost your metabolism, burn calories, build lean muscle (the long lean sexy type of muscle) while keeping the fire ignited for hours after the workout is complete.

New to standard HIIT training? Don’t sweat it! We always offer modifications, and we have fabulous Beginner classes in our extensive On Demand library. Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts! LET’S DO THIS!

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