Alternating 1/2 Kneeling Dumbbell Javelin Press

Alternating 1/2 Kneeling Dumbbell Javelin Press

  • Duration: 00:00:26
**Body Part/Parts Used:**
- Deltoids (Anterior, Lateral, Posterior)
- Trapezius
- Triceps
- Serratus Anterior
- Core Muscles (Transversus Abdominis, Obliques)

**Equipment Needed:**
- Single Dumbbell
- Mat or cushioned surface for kneeling

- Intermediate

**How to Perform:**
1. Start in a half-kneeling position, with one knee up and the other knee down on the mat. Keep your core engaged and spine neutral.
2. Hold a dumbbell horizontally with both hands at chest level, elbows bent and tucked close to the body.
3. Initiate the press by engaging your core and shoulder muscles. Extend your arms straight up, pushing the dumbbell above your head.
4. Slowly lower the dumbbell down to the opposite shoulder. The path should resemble a javelin trajectory.
5. Perform the next repetition by pressing the dumbbell up and then lowering it to the initial shoulder.
6. Alternate between shoulders for each rep.
7. Maintain core stability and posture throughout the exercise. Avoid arching your back or using momentum to lift the weight.

**What it Does and Benefits:**
This exercise primarily targets your shoulder muscles, offering a unique way to engage the anterior, lateral, and posterior deltoids. The alternating movement helps improve shoulder mobility and stability. Additionally, your trapezius and triceps get a good workout. The half-kneeling position engages the core muscles, improving your balance and stability. The serratus anterior is also activated, which is great for shoulder health. This is a fantastic all-around exercise for anyone looking to build functional upper body strength.

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