Hiit 21 | Massive Calorie Blast | with Pam | 10/28/20
October 28, 2020 11:45 am

Day 4 of FREAK WEEK!! Do an Online workout everyday of the week, either Live or On-Demand, post a pic or video of it in the Facebook Group or tag Pam, William, or Susie and get the "I Survived Freak Week" shirt! $10 for the shirt. Has to be every day and can't be 2 in one day. All 7 days guys, no exceptions! ⭐️ Hardcore AMRAP style blocks! ⭐️ 21 minutes of INSANE work! ⭐️ Super HIGH Intensity! This 21-minute workout is meant to take you past your personal comfort zone and challenge you to work at your peak performance to BURN MASSIVE CALORIES in only a short amount of time.